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         My Art Work!

        Victoria Monet

This is my first project in a while. This is Victoria Monet, I made this drawing in class. The asignment were to draw your favorite celebrity, so I thought it would be cool to draw someone different. Here she is... I love her music it's something very different. I'm very happy with this protrait, also happy how it turned out. Victoria Monet saw this on Instgram and loved it so much that she reposted on her page, which was an honor!

   Year 2015

    My Self-Portfolio

This is a portfolio of me, yeah it's me. Everything that's on here, tells you who I am. What I like to play, eat, culture, watch, and draw. I like how it turned out, and it's kind-of-cool to draw myself but it was a little bit of a challenge but I finished it.

      Year 2015

    Our Skull Project

This was a group project. We chose to make it a good/ bad side type show what we think its like maybe when your happy or sad thing. Its was fun painting and putting different designs on them to make the skull pop out more.

   YEAR 2015

   My Surrealism Dream: Wanting To Be You

     Year 2016

This project was my favorite but the coloring with the Pastels didn't go so well, but I still love it. It was kind- of a dream I had and wanted to draw it. It show two girls "Sun and Moon" wanting to be each other because they saying "they don't fit in or they just feel like they're in the wrong place."

So they look into the mirror and saw each other on the otherside. They look so unhappy saying "I want to be like you."

Then a Crystal Ball shows them what they would be like if they change who the are, showing them how happy they would be.

But the Crystal Ball says "Are you sure you want to change and leave your families and friends behind? Because if you do you won't be able to go back."

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