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Project 1:

Charles Thomas "Chuck" Close is an American painter and photograper. Close is also known for using a creative and intricate patterns for his portraits. Before Chuck became an artist, he had a tragedy that was an health problem that he had to be in a wheelchair. Thats when he came to love painting. Close artist style was photorealism, with the process of painting directly from a photograph. What Chuck Close invented was large portraits of people, just going into detail of the person by going in close up with random colorful shapes.


The steps for the project that did was outline and sketch, then I started drawing the person I chose to paint. Then when I finished drawing, I start getting some paint that I will use for the my portrait. Then when I'm close to finishing the portrait I'll at some patterns and designs to it so each block will standout. Then I upload my portrait to my website(which is this one). 


The person that I choose for my portrait was "Victoria Monet". Victoria Monet is a singer and started her first album in 2014, and when I heard her music I wanted to draw her but never had the chance. Now my teacher gave us a project, so I was able to draw Victoria for my project.Why I choose her because it's something different, everyone that was in my class was doing the same person I was going to do, so I decided to do my protrait on Victoria Monet.


The colors that I used for the background was an Siler Sand or Silver, Lavender Pink, and Lenurple(Purple). For the skin I used Dark Vanilla, Spicy Mix(Brown), Tuscan Brown, Pullman Brown, Pale Taupe, and Grullo. For the hair I used Flattery(Brown), Field Drab(Brown), and Independence(Dark Blue). For the shirt I used Black, Rich Black, and Sonic Silver -Gray.


Yes I had a color scheme for just using 3 colors for the background, skin, hair, and the shirt. The background, skin, hair, and the shirt is like a checker's board that goes across. The skin tone, hair, and shirt was to show the different patterns to make everything different from each other. Last but not least is the patterns, I decided to use Zentangle designs to change up the blocks so they can be different.


The final result to my project was it came out great and I loved how it came out the was it did. It looked the same but the background and everything is dark and faded, I just added some color to pop out more. I used the technique to use water on the paint to not waste anymore, so you can have exrta paint lefted over. I would also say try to use different colors and experiment with each one or mixed them up for a new different color and use it. What I dicovered was that everyone was giving advice or helping them out with something that was hard. I had some of my classmates and friends help me out with my project.


    About My Art!

Project 2:

Project 3:

Project 4:

The project was a Self- Portrait with Mixed Media. So what I did was take a picture of myself, then sketch myself on a big sheet of paper. Then I started to go online, looked in magazines, and in a newspaper to find things about who I am, and what I like about me to put on my project. Then when I was finished with putting them on the paper, some of them was for the background. I then use paint and color pencils for the hair and skin.


I liked how I used other materials for this project. I learned that you have to think outside the box and just try other things out. I would change nothing because it was cool, and I will do this again.



The project was a Sugar Skull with Plaster. So it was a Group Project, so we had to sketch it out on a piece of paper to choice what to put on it. Then we started making the plaster for the skull, later it started to crack so we made the sheet plaster and put around the skull. Then it dried up so later we started to spary painting it, then we started painting designs on the skull.


I liked the project because it was different to make skull with plaster. I learned that it will take time to make things perform. I would added some other things to it but it was a group project so it stayed the same.

The project was a Surrealism with Pastel. So what I did was drawn a sketch of the picture that I had a dream, and practice with the pastels with colors. Then I drawn it on the a big piece of paper. Then I used the pastel to redrawn on the big paper.


I like doing something different and using other types of materials. I learned that trying different textures to make the artwork pop. What I would change is not use pastels and markers, colored pencils, or paint. It would make it easier to use. Other than that I still liked using something new.

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